mountain air

by onomatopoeia

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mountain air is a) a collection of songs written between 2015/17 b) the explanation for gentle mountain folk dwelling in virginia. the record draws inspiration from melodic pop with an artistic commitment to being experimental. I was getting bored of records that have distorted guitars, bass guitar, snare, + loud hi-hats, which is why none of those things appear in this bit of shmusik (seriously not once). there is nothing wrong with any of those things, but I felt a level of artistic limitation working with those sounds. what can be done with those tones that couldn’t be described as such-and-such revival? as a result I turned to electronic music with reluctance toward using synths that were built into my recording software as the primary means of being “quirky.” I didn’t want to let the synths do more work than I was doing, which I feel is a tendency I fall into when using premade synth sounds. I sold my guitar + bought a sampler opting to morph natural noises into abstract textures to use as synths and other wonky sounds. even though the music is made with samplers, no one else’s music or noises are sampled. I wanted to make music that I felt had real artistic merit. that challenged my ideas and methods for songwriting. I’m proud of the result + think it’s pretty listenable too!


allison zigadlo for making the album artwork and providing sweet visuals for the most recent set of shows and coming ones. also for listening to a lot of demos.

bailey steele for helping me think that the live show I do now is possible + helping with live visuals/ driving to Brooklyn/ listening to alllll the demos

chris richardson for letting me access his wide collection of blue ridge mountain field recordings on the outro of the song (shenandoah national park) and over the garden wall.

aaron, eric, andrew, sofia, duane, toyo, alex (made my first two shows as onomatopoeia unforgettable), chandler, tristan, aj, for booking me + helping me do the thing live! y’all rock!

jonathan, malcolm, rehan, emily and everyone associated with the Crayola + Lon lon + GDRVA house crews for making me believe in nice people + DIY. i'm unbearably shy + y'all welcomed me with open arms.

heather-anne hudgins for showing me that coolness is having courage. the courage to do what’s right.

dryden labarge for being my rock

dylan hathaway for being a good gemini

katherine peterson for constant music + life encouragement


released January 27, 2017

all noises conjured, sorted, + mixed by owen martin



all rights reserved


onomatopoeia Richmond, Virginia

sun-kissed pop with weird samples + electronics from richmond, va. my roommates says it sounds liquid and fluid. kinda like standing up after a big hit.

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Track Name: lucid

in the sun in the sun in the morning sun you wake sleepy head went to bed to late in the evening your dreaming starts here/ and the light and the light and the light so warm it shines cross your hair you don’t care your sleepy i'm thinking i'm dreaming so am i??
Track Name: (shenandoah national park)
(shenandoah national park):

split cigarettes spirits are fine/ she shares a laugh he just stays quiet
monolith slabs rocks that divide/ trail has no path seems like its fine
swift left hand pass moves round the pyre/ no going fast sit here a while
autumn hymn kids get stoned cause its all that they know/ keeps at bay fear of friends sing with campfire band
Track Name: song moved limbs
song moved limbs:

have you seen my long haired girl crashed herself in to the world/
song moved limbs that dance like twigs kindle quick don’t reminisce
eyes of stars a moonlit path feet brush water off the grass/
took my hand and pulled me close danced the night with out our clothes
I don’t mean to complicate but dreams drift through my mind/ good things come to those who wait so I’m just passin time
if you really like me tell me that you like me gotta let me know/ do exactly just what your body wants to
someday I’ll know
Track Name: over the garden wall
bleep bloop boop boop
Track Name: athleticism

letterman jacket your so cool no no no way no no no way/ thought you had dropped that in high school some people change some stay the same
Antagonizing who told you that it was fair without a care/ hope that you fuck with someone who gives you a scare you wouldn’t dare
yeah you try to be cool but you look like a fool (don’t think for a little bit I cant see right through you)
I see the way you look at me I see the way you look at girls I hope that someday soon you’ll see that you don’t have to rule the world/ and try you might to change his mind bounces off just a waste of your time/ what a shame maybe someday he’ll learn
I don’t need your athleticism I just need space to move put aside your ego and judgement maybe I can learn these things too.
Track Name: bed bones
bed bones:

sleeping in i lay in bed though i'm awake/ cozy naked what could make me wanna leave
can we stay in (will this body move isn’t it what I need)
but I had to leave/ time became a thief/ for a moment grieved/ my wake up eyes
doing nothing vacant mind feels like a crime/ i'm the block in the road some days that’s how it goes
can we stay in (will this body move isn’t it what I need)
well my bed bones ache/ can I leave this place/ cause I need a break/ my wake up eyes
Track Name: abbi was a cactus
abbi was a cactus:

abbi says she gotta get more outta life these days not waste a way in some small town no way/ say say what you want to she’ll make it
packed her bags moved to the city made a few new friends then got too busy/ quit her job and hopped a ride down to new mexico
she feels the current/ she kisses spiders on her hand/ a stick and poke of words that mend
greasy hair she left and stole the motorbike then drove out to the desert/ to find some peace of mind or just a distraction out there
small cacti she burst them open and they laughed and smiled watching the night yeah she was lost in bliss/ finally she found what she needed to
Track Name: grapefruit
reminds me of being there/ I don’t know why